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They Called And I Responded....

I have just finished a painting for a local artist community project organized by musician Gary Detheridge and artist Alison Masters. The event is titled "Call and Response" and was open to approximately 70 musicians and artisans in all media. This years event was called " The Box Challenge". Each artist chose a sealed box filled with an assortment of items including a music cd.

It was suggested that we might think about Art for Canada 150 plus a local initiative: The Agriculture Full Plate theme when developing our ideas. We could use anything we wanted from our box of items or absolutely nothing. The items were meant to inspire us and get our creative juices flowing in a fun way.

Upon opening my box and looking through the items, some called out to me almost instantly. A pine cone, some paper with a beige and green swirling, branch-like patterns, and a bird silhouette on a flag and a small acrylic landscape tile painting in shades of green. In my minds eye, I could hear and see a flock of crows settling upon the branches of the trees, just as they do in my yard each morning, shouting their greetings and plans for the day. Eventually I chase them away, but not before I grudgingly admire their intelligence and tenacity.

C'’mon, Let’s Go ... Next Stop Is Creston!”

A Murder Of Crows, Watercolour & Ink by Laura Leeder February 2017

Size is aproximately 9 x 14 inches

This painting is an interpretive piece in response to the "Box Project Call" and is not for sale.

Thank You for browsing my site, and taking time to puruse my blog.imately 9 x 16 inches

Painting was created as an interpretive art piece for this project only and is not for sale.


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