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Living The Lush Life .......

Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf.

~ Albert Schweitzer

(and I would add: or in the frolicking of birds! ~ Laura Leeder)

"Living The Lush Life" is the title of my newest painting. The phrase is actually in the painting. Almost hidden, it peaks out from the upper left corner. It has guided my heart and my hand from the start to the finish of this piece.

Living The Lush Life, Mixed Media On Panel

By Artist Laura Leeder

Size:10" x 10" Retail: $175.00+shipping

In the initial collage layer I chose papers with fall-like patterns and colors. I use sections of pages torn from my favorite gardening and home decor magazines. I then search for words and phrases to include as well. For this painting, the phrases, "living the lush life" and "safari for the soul"spoke to me. (I placed "lush life" in the upper left corner and "safari soul" in the lower right.)

The word lush brought to mind: "vegetation + rich colors + providing great sensory pleasure". From this description the idea for the tree with fall colored leaves was born! The inclusion of the stylized chickadees was a must! They add an element of life and pleasure to the overall painting. (I have many fond memories of working in my flower garden with chickadees as my companions.)

With a draft design in place, I continue to develop the painting. Using soft, muted colors and Art Foamy Stamps, stencils, caps and/or other items that are suggestive of designs in nature, I create a luxurious, textural background. The final result is like a tapestry of intricate and complex color combinations and textures, woven within the painting. I hope you find as much pleasure in "Living The Lush Life" as I have in creating it.

Please note: This painting is not listed for sale in my on-line shop as I'm planning to include it in my show "THROUGH THE EYES OF A KOOTENAY ARTIST" in Nelson this September. If you'd like more information about the show, CLICK here.

Interested in PURCHASING this painting? Send me an email and we can arrange the payment method.

Warmly, Artist Laura Leeder

A Garden Comes To Life!


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