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Planting Seeds Of Beauty & Happiness

"Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow flowers or You can grow weeds."

This spring I'm planting "seeds of beauty and happiness" into my paintings. Really! Here's how......

I start by selecting a wood panel. (This one is

12 x 12 inches.) From my favorite home decor magazines (there are several), I peruse the pages choosing a variety of colorful images and flower patterns, tearing these into smaller shapes that will be collaged onto the wood panel. These images form the first layer of each painting and are often the inspiration for the final design.

In addition, I'm incorporating words and phrases in colorful fonts and interesting text. The phrases are about design, gardening, creating and the words are expressive and inspirational. These are the "seeds of beauty and happiness" that I plant into the layers of my painting backgrounds. Some of the words and phrases will be clearly visible through the final layers and others will just barely peek through. And some, will be completely hidden from view. Either way, they cause me to smile, filling me with a deep sense of happiness as they guide my intent for each painting.

In my next post I will share a little more about my process.

Have a wonderful, creative day! Artist Laura Leeder


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